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The Seven Dons


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Welcome to the Seven Dons

Hand Crafted Made-to-Measure Suiting & Footwear


Custom Shoes & MTM Suiting

If you have interest in getting a custom pair of shoes, matching belt, a suit, or a dress shirt created specifically for you, this will be by consultation only. Reach out via the contact page to schedule an appointment. Thank you.


Take a brief look into our fabrics & Styles

Shoe Production

Handcrafted in Spain

Every pair of shoes are handcrafted in Spain by professional artisans. Every pair ordered will be sent from our factory directly to you. The shoes will be delivered in an estimated 2 weeks from time of order.

Goodyear Welted

Original Goodyear welting is the oldest, most labor intensive, and most durable of the three methods of construction. The cavity created by the welt between the insole and the outer sole is filled with cork, another natural product which provides insulation, protection, and comfort: as you wear the shoe, the cork filler takes an impression of your foot, like memory foam. This provides unparalleled comfort and support when compared to cheaper forms of manufacturing.

Patina Workshop

Patina is an art crafted and designed for shoes by Olga Berluti, member of the famous French brand Berluti which took the world by storm in the 80’s. Hand coloring of shoes was then a fairly new thing in the world of luxury shoes and leather products. The patina art craft method is a hand dyeing procedure of leather, which creates a completely unique patina with an aged effect. The procedure begins with unfinished crust leather, which has been tanned and handled, but not dyed yet. This creates an antique like finish with a beautiful luster and shine. Available in 4 different finishes.